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Jungle City accepts one-off donations to support our on-going expenses and to go toward our community initiatives including our Culture Queenz mentor program, our Jungle City Jam festival and workshop series, and sending financial compensation to dance creators in Jamaica for the privilege of practicing their dance culture here in Australia.

Sponsor a Queen or King

We invite businesses and individuals to become a Culture Queenz sponsor by paying the tuition fees for a young person to participate in our Culture Queenz mentor program. By becoming a sponsor you not only receive a bunch of promotion through Jungle City but you get to support a young women in her pursuit for a career in the dance industry.

Partner With Us

Jungle City has a rich history of working collaboratively with other organisations, councils, funding bodies, schools, promoters and the corporate sector to deliver a diverse range of projects, programs, performance outcomes so get in touch and lets see how we can work together to uplift the community and engage your communities through the power of dance, music and culture. You can also support Jungle City by making a one-off donations to support our community initiatives including: Culture Queenz mentor program; Jungle City Jam festival series; dance scholarship program for disadvantaged youth. Complete our inquiry form to find out more about these initiatives or to partner with us.

Pay the Rent

Join Jungle City as an individual or business and pay the rent to Aboriginal peoples in Victoria, because ‘Sorry is not enough’. It doesn’t take much just 1% of your monthly earning is the recommended amount to contribute and all funds go directly to Victoria’s First Nations people. Its super simple, just click on the link and make monthly donations manually or via direct debit.

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A $50 donation goes a long way helping our Kingz & Queenz acheive their goals.

Sponsor a king or queen

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