What Is your Full Name:  My name is shamara Sullivan aka mara_jackhammer my group name is jackhammergirls

Location – where are you based? I’m from bull bay but I’m base in lady Huggins Avenue shortwood road Kingston 8

In a few sentences give a brief history of your experience as a dancer, how long you have been dancing, how you started, and your greatest achievement: Coming Soon

What is your purpose for dancing? What does dance mean to you? My purpose for is the love and the joy it bring into my life it makes me happy and feel alive dancing is my way of expressing myself and maintaining my character of a strong woman dancing is everything

List all the dance moves you / your group has created: The dance moves I have created  are sshhwine,glidenwine,rollnjuk,gearup,Moodswing,afromotion,so unique,sexy sweets,got it right ,won’t stop,bestest, daletoma,wuk me out ,all angles and cheers my males dance moves are female gangster force crazy gunman murda again and tahii glock

What inspires you to create moves? What is your creative process? What inspired me to create moves it can be conversation,person or society the movement starts playing around in my head for days or months before it come to body work than I try to play different types of rhythm to get connected to the move etc

How can people contact you to do your classes / buy your merchandise etc? Instagram or Facebook @mara_jackhammer

What are you social links?
These are the links to my YouTube and Instagram

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