Dance Therapy

Dance Movement therapy can compliment other verbal therapies or work on its own as an effective way to reconnect your mind and body through a mindful somatic experience, help shift trauma, support physical rehabilitation from injury or re-program your body to break old habits of movement that are restricting you from living your best life in your body today.

The dance forms we practice at Jungle City naturally have elements of SMT techniques within them so our approach to integrating Dance therapy into our sessions utilises elements of these dance styles, along with elements of other DMT modalities such as Bartenieff fundamentals, combined with yoga asanas and breathing techniques to create a unique experience aimed at healing, stimulating energy flow and strengthening our mind-body-spirit connection.

We offer our Dance as therapy practice in individual and group sessions upon request as well as deliver set programs throughout the year. Please see our schedule for upcoming programs or make a booking for private sessions. 

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Jungle City acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land where we work, we acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. Jungle City pledges commitment to ‘pay the rent’ to Aboriginal people in Victoria by contributing 2% of our monthly profits to Pay The Rent.

Jungle City acknowledges the creators of the dance forms we practice and pay my respect to them, their elders and their ancestors. Jungle City is committed to working toward unity in all our diversity through the power of dance, music and culture.