International guest Female Dancehall (open level) workshop with Kaytii Insanity (JA)

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Jungle City creative space


Experience the grace, power and intellect of Kaytii Insanity.

Straight from Trenchtown, Kingston, global Dancehall star Kaytii is exclusively in Australia as part of Jungle City’s “True Jamaican Dancehall” 2024 tour. Kaytii holds the fort as one of the female stalwarts of Dancehall art and culture today in Jamaica, imbuing her creations with the real emotions of her lived experiences. She is an outspoken advocate for her peers and challenges the cultural imperialism Dancehall is often subject to.

Starting her dance career as a child, Kaytii began as a Reggae dancer. She was eventually introduced to Dancehall by Sashi Empire, formerly a member of the Xpressionz family.
She was a pioneering member of Cuban Squad from 2008, creating powerful, sharp moves during this early female Dancehall period and refining her craft in the Kingston Dance Halls. Kaytii consciously changed the face of New School female Dancehall with her hit move Appeal in 2017, as a retort to the body and chronic illness discrimination she faced in the Jamaican entertainment industry. From that time on, Kaytii’s oeuvre has definitively focused on creating moves that unlock a woman’s sensuality and strengthen her relationship with her body.

As a teacher and mentor, Kaytii brings expertise across Old Skool, Mid Skool and New Skool male, female, Queenz styles and history. She is a highly sought-after long-form teacher and globally recognized dancer and MC, teaching global courses on Dancehall technique, culture and moves. Her tour credits to date include Europe in 2019 and 2022. She has also MCed Jamaica-based Dancehall Mecca twice and is a former member of Kimiko Versatile’s Versatile Ones.

Kaytii brings extensive experience in dancing with crews and as a solo artist. Her expertise has led her to judge multiple Jamaican and international Dancehall dance championships. Kaytii placed second with her first crew Insanity Girls in her first competition (On The Verge) and second in the World Reggae Dance Championships with Outshine Girls. Kaytii is a frequent collaborator with her contemporaries Inspire, Smilez and Reda, and Mama Blazzaz. She has also been a main dancer for the Boom Energy Drink squad, with Darkie and Happy Feet, for over a decade.

Kaytii’s special guest workshop taking place on Monday 20th May 8pm-9:30pm at Jungle City studio will be a rare opportunity to learn first hand from a female Jamaican Dancehall dance creator and choreographer and definitely not one to be missed!

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Monday8:00 pm9:30 pm16+

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Jungle City creative space

Unit 3, 350 Murray Rd, Preston 3072



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